Fandom Planet

Fandom Planet is the first syndicated all-Geek podcast/radio show. Taking the well established “Drivetime” radio format and turning it on its head, hosts Powers/Carr (that’s Los Angeles Stand-up Comedians Tim Powers and SAX Carr) talk to one or more “creatives” from the worlds of television, movies, comics, video games, and beyond.

Fandom Planet is a galactic central point for all geeks to come together and realize that everyone is an enthusiast for something– and that binds us together. We know geeks have power, but only when their voices are heard. Fandom Planet, therefore, will do our best to bring your message to the rest of our listeners. Email host Sax Carr at and keep track of the shows on the forum. And don’t forget to say hello to The Robot Cowboy. He gets lonely.


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