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To contact Sax Carr, or dish about comics, pop culture, or how much you want to have him at your nephew’s bar mitzvah, please fill out the form below.

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Do you want to have Sax come play with your creative crew or gang, appear at your convention or event, or teach you valuable improv skills? He can! He does! He will!

Below, Sax Carr leads a group of game masters and gamers at the SnowCon gaming convention, who have never performed improv together (or some, at all), for an audience of convention attendees. (Featuring Grant Beals and Katy England as the adventure party.)

“Sax Carr provided a fantastic safety net for those who are new to improv, the show was innovative, and our audience and performers, all convention volunteers, had a great time. You were hilarious, put everyone immediately at ease and helped us put on an incredible night of geektastic entertainment. Please, please come back and do it again!” — Staff of SnowCon gaming convention

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