About Sax

Sax Carr leading improv games at SnowCon 2011, photo by Ao Arts

Sax Carr leads improv night at the SnowCon gaming convention; photo by Ao Arts

Sean A.X. Carr started doing comedy in Washington DC, hosting his own local cable access talk show which ran for five years. He was accepted into Washington DC’s most dangerous comedy troupe Mission IMPROV-able, a group he would later produce and direct for two years. Starting his stand-up career in New York City he has played in various cities and clubs across the nation. He has over 15 years combined comedy experience. He has played at the World Famous Comedy Store, the Hollywood Improv, and Stand Up New York… as well as his first and favorite club the Comedy Connection Portland Maine…

He’s a lifelong player of RPGs and is one of the most sought after comedians speaking on the things he loves: comics, gaming, superhero, steampunk, and geek culture.

“My material is mostly based on the idea of “what would it be like” if we lived in that world, or around those characters. Face it, the world and lives of our heroes in these games is insane, it doesn’t take long for a comedians eye to see that, and that’s what I try to put forward.”

“What do I want to do? Real answer: write bad b-horror movies. But mostly just keep working in the buisness (or the “industry” as they call it) in support of my degree in visual media and keep some time to work on my art.”

Sean is one of very few comedians lucky enough to play San Diego Comic-Con, and the world famous Magic Castle (international headquarters of magic), and is most likely the only one who has ever played both.

Sax has also worked with:

The Comedy Connection Improv Company (Portland, ME) • Bad Sports Comedy Company (director, Portland, ME) • Running With Scissors (Portland, ME)

Some of Sax’s Venues:

Stand-up NY (NYC) • Living Room Live (NYC) • Comedy Connection (Boston) • Comedy Connection (Portland, ME) regular • Comedy Barn (Sanford, ME) • Club Gemini (Bangor, ME) • University of Maine (Various, ME) • Laff Stop (Houston, TX) • Cap City Comedy Club (Austin, TX) • World Famous Comedy Store (Hollywood) • Hollywood Improv (Hollywood) • San Jose Improv (San Jose) • Comedy Night @ Unknown Theater (Los Angeles) • Liquid Zoo (Los Angeles) • and many more…

and as The Insiders of Comedy:

The New York Comedy Club (Boca Raton, FL) • The Miami Improv (with Steve Byrne from the Myspace comedy tour) (Miami, FL) • Coconuts (Gainsville, FL) with Paul Nardizzi, Stephanie Peters and Shane Mauss

Other interesting factiods:

For the last two years Sax has worked in casting, mostly as a session director. Every day he directed talent, operated and maintained high end video equiptment, did simple editing, and worked with software to post it all live on the internet. Like 200 times a day.

He also used to regularly hang out at the wonderful Unknown Theatre, helping to administer the daily goings on of live music or comedy shows that usually had audiences in excess of 200 folks. Building sets, running lights, sound work, plus working the door and the floor. Plus – he booked the best comedy show in LA…

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