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Hey folks!

 New to HavingSaxOnline.com? Well how do you do!?!?

I just thought I’d remind everyone I have a seriously cripplingly large amount of podcasts every week that you should check out.

PS: a careful listener can hear me almost 40 times a month. Fuck….

Expect a weekly PODCAST PODBLAST here every Saturday night… but until then here’s the big list of what I do, and what’s upcoming:

– Fandom Planet (www.theFandomPlanet.com)

Fandom Planet logo

A mostly weekly look at all things geeky. Hosts Powers and Carr (that’s me!) know what it’s like to be a fan, so they bring you the show they’d want to listen to. It’s a celebration of fans and the things we become devoted too. From comics to television to making little intricate plastic models of flying steam powered ghost ships… it’s all welcome on “The Planet for Fans”. Each week we grab a guest from the things YOU care about and talk about what makes them geek out. We contrast their own fandom with the things they created that generated so many fans on its own. You get the idea. Geeks talking to geeks… what’s not to like?

Past guests include: Allison Scagliotti – Stan Lee – Alessandra Torresani – Wally Wingert – A TON of writers for comics, television, and film… and MANY more.

So check it out!

– This is REALLY Happening (www.newsofthedoomed.com)

This is really happening logo

Each and every day there is story in your local newspaper or on your favorite news station that makes you sit back and say: “Well humanity is FUCKED”. We take those stories, and every week we break down the “Things that make you feel DOOOMED”. It’s a laugh a minute (or more) as we discuss the strange things people do, invent, and destroy. It’s all the crazy stories from the whole world and Florida. If you’ve ever laughed at a Meth addict setting a fireworks factory on fire, this is the show for you. Powers/Carr hosts this gem, also on CraveOnline.com and iTunes.

– The Idiot Box (www.craveonline.com/TV/)

The Idiot Box logo

I host this one with Blair Marnell and we talk about this week in television.

It goes out every Monday on CraveOnline.com (it’s also on iTunes). If you are one of many people who like my rants… this may be the best place to find them. I have a lot

of strong opinions about television.

Apparently that’s very polarizing. Please… less death threats. We get some cool guests too!

It’s worth a listen, but be warned we are full or spoilers.

– Hats (http://geekfactorylabs.com/)


Somebody told me you had to have a premise to have a podcast. Well Sam Weller and I took that as a challenge. This show that is basically two comedians blathering (each of us famous for wearing signature hats) is a real laugh riot. No guests, and no form at, we just talk for an hour or so and leave it

at that. I consider this my vanity project.

It comes out monthly for now, but we’ re upgrading soon.

Got suggestions? Keep them to yourself.

We hate structure! Curse you structure!

– Autopsy (http://geekfactorylabs.com/)


This podcast (which has yet to air its pilot due to technical issues) is pretty innovative. Ever wonder why things fai

l? Well Emil Bonty and I use the tried and true procedure of an autopsy to dissect the movies and television shows that died before their time and tell you what the cause was.

Were they murdered by a studio that didn’t understand them? Or was it suicide by lead actress? It’s all in the Autopsy. Monthly on Geek Factory Labs. We PROMISE to get one of these out soon.

The autopsy result on our own podcast is post production FAIL!

– Pizza Games and Zombies “PGZ!”  (pizzagamesandzombies.com)

Pizza Games & Zombies

A weekly podcast where myself, Sam Proof (internet Viking), Chan (Robert fucking Chan!), and kidnapped pizza delivery boy Zack S. West take a look at a board game, pizza place, and ever evolving topic about zombies. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is, PIZZA GAMES and ZOMBIES.This one comes out Thursdays, but records live to the interwebs on Sundays. Come be part of the chat room at PizzaGamesandZombies.com/Watch every Sunday at 7pm PST. If you like any of these things you’ll be happy. Also we drink. This is my fastest growing podcast with almost exponential numbers. Get in on the ground floor before we get all elitist about it.

– MXCST  ? pronounced Mix-Cast  (www.mxlgy.com)


This one is still in pre-production.

Ever enjoy one of those amazing craft cocktails. You know the ones where mixology is still an art and a science and not DRUNK JUICE. Well, have we got the show for you (We being Sam Proof and myself). Twice a month we record live at a bar in Hollywood California and experiment with the coolest ingredients and most innovative mixologists. We’re testing drinks, and inventing new ones in front of a live (and well libated) audience. Check out MXLGY.com to sign up for the newsletter now and get in on all the fun!

– Untitled Star Trek Podcast (www.cc2k.us)

Captain Picard

Now that Star Trek: The Next Generation is streaming on Netflix the creative team behind CC2K.us and myself are sitting down to go episode to episode exploring the concepts presented in the TNG universe and the intricate coolness each episode has to offer. While it’s not exactly an alternate-commentary show, each episode follows along with an episode of the show in real time, so turn on your Netflix (and its sound down) and see if you can’t catch what gets us talking about one subject or another. We’re more than a review show too, because it’s not just about the episodes themselves but the persistent question: Is the world of TNG a good one that we should all aspire too?

– Tales of the Extraordinary (http://emptysea.net/tote/)

Tales of the Extraordinary

One of a few Radio Plays I do on a pretty regular basis. This project is the longest running and the one I have been with the least amount of time.

It’s really worth a look back through their catalog to hear what they do. I’m in VERY recent episodes as a slew of characters. Here’s a quick setting: The year is 1927 and the Roaring twenties are in full swing, filled with excess and adventure. Wondrous new discoveries take place on a daily basis, be they of lost civilizations or miraculous super-science. Anything seems possible. In Tales of the Extraordinary, anything is possible. Ancient mysticism, robotic automatons, masked vigilantes, or a chimp who thinks he’s the Great Gatsby.

Tales isn’t the way things were. It’ s the way they

should have been.

– The Blue Mojave (http://www.thebluemojave.com/)

Blue Mojave

Another radio play, this time in the 40s. I helped to re-invent Blue Mo in its latest incarnation. Listen for me as regular characters: Scotty Deak, Johnny Valley, Stephen Archer, and a bunch of assorted thugs and miscreants.

I also contributed a bunch to the writing of this 40’s detective story (with a twist) but mostly just write the humorous period advertisements we add between

the brakes. This is very worth your time, and there are new episodes most months.

– The pseudo-believable Adventures of DangerKatt (TBD)

The pseudo-believable Adventures of DangerKatt (TBD)

Growing out of a joke from myself and the folks behind the comic book imprint DangerKatt, this radio play that may or may not serialize is an exploration of a world even more fantastical than The Blue Mojave and Tales combined. In a universe of super science, aliens, intrigue, mystery, and saucers of milk left out suspiciously, the only man (cat) standing between evil and total domination of the world is DANGER KATT. He’s a master pilot, adventurer, marksman, science wiz, and lover… he’s also a regular size cat… and he can’t speak. Thankfully his travel companions speak cat, even if you don’t.

That’s it. Wow. That’s a lot. But if you like my voice… and we all know I do.

Well here is where to get it. They may not update consistently sometimes, or have perfect quality, but I love these podcasts like my children. So like most parents I’m living through them. Check out my kids er… podcasts… and be a part of something.

Something self-indulgent.

(on my part).


Occupy Sax!

Hey Readerfolk,

I know a blog on my personal website about my political views is not the best idea. However for as many sites as I write content, this is the only place my political views really fit. These are MY political views after all.

So if you’ll indulge me for a second, here’s a little politic-speak for just a minute… I promise not to stay very serious, I know it’s a real buzz kill.

I support Occupy Wall Street. I don’t think I’ve made that very secret. But after a rather annoying conversation at a party recently I decided I should hammer out WHY I support the movement and leave it someplace I can direct people too, while I stare at them incredulously.

First of all I should state at the outset that I have a LOT of disagreements with Occupy. I don’t think they’ve done a very good job at getting their actual message out. I don’t feel they have worked hard enough to boil down their grievances to something concrete, and I fear they have so overcompensated against the “status quo” that their own prose is hampered by being too open minded and lacking a sense of the immediacy of the problem.

But… but… BUT! I do agree on one key thing…

Our current economic system is broken, and while it’s not clear what the steps should be, we NEED to take every step toward trying to fix it.

Further our economic disparity suggests it’s not just the system that is broken but our very humanity.

In a world where anyone is starving, nobody should keep BILLIONS of dollars to themselves. Let me break it down for you:

Many of the people criticizing our system have been compared to socialists.

Any attack on the way things work is painted as an attack on capitalism and by some tenuous connection “The American Way”. I would suggest that the promise of equal chance of success for anyone who “pulls themselves up by their bootstraps” is very American, and for a long time the capitalist system supported that exact statement. Have a great idea

? Have an overabundance of work ethic? Have a desire to get rich or die trying

? Well America offered that by way of pure capitalism for a very long time… but not anymore… and here’s why:

(Attack on current capitalism here… you may want to copy and paste from here on for any hate mail or flame posts)

Capitalism like ANY system that’s treated as a deity and not a mutable form of commerce has gone off the rails… here are some examples of “GOOD” capitalism:

  1. Big companies preventing small upstart competitors from being any real competition by strangling them with unbeatable price fixing is GOOD capitalism. (WALMART)
  1. Breaking the back of unions so people can be paid increasingly less competitive wages is GOOD capitalism. (also WALMART)
  1. Stealing patents, products, or expert staff and then using your wealth to insulate you against legal reprisal is GOOD capitalism.

  1. Paying your employees progressively less and less because the economy will dissuade them from jumping ship is GOOD capitalism, as is continuing to pay yourself more.

  1. Using lobbyists to change government policy to prevent competition, reduce overhead (at the cost of the environment or other small business), or allowing debasement of your labor force is GOOD capitalism.
  1. Banks adding huge and even hidden fees into the system to nickel and dime people… That is GOOD capitalism.
  1. Pharmaceutical companies resisting cures to keep more people on daily medication is GOOD capitalism.

  1. Insurance companies doing everything they can to avoid paying out for a myriad of reasons is GOOD capitalism.
  1. A whole big BUNCH of things regarding resisting paying taxes. GOOD Capitalism.

My point is that in a world where success is all that matters, so much so that any DIRTY hippy who isn’t Fortune 500 shouldn’t have a valid opinion. Well, all these practices are tacitly OK.

Do you want these things to be OK

? Do you think that a country can claim this “American dream” if a big company can manipulate the system to make competing with them impossible? What about a country where the court system can be bought supports this ideal?

Do I have a big solution package to offer here? No. I’m just one guy who spends most of his time making jokes and has a media degree. But I do see that something is wrong.

The system IS broken. I may have come to this conclusion form a different place than the general #OWS folks, or maybe I haven’t. The point is they have made at least one thing clear… they ALSO don’ t like where

things have gone.

Bank bailouts while people are starving…are made to re-enforce a system that is broken.

Occupy is a movement’s response to this glaring fly in the ointment that more “established” people don’t seem to

see. Perhaps they do see it but they ignore it because it benefits them.

Perhaps they see it and can’t accept it because they have been a cog in the system for too long. A lot of the Anti-#OWS folks sound like they have Stockholm syndrome.

Either way, the mode of operation and total message aside, I agree with Occupy’s first contention overall: It’s broken, let’s fix it.

But probably the biggest reason I support the movement is not because I agree with their major contention… but because I promote the rights in this country of ANYONE to peaceably assemble and state their case. For anyone who doesn’t remember; this country is founded on doing this very thing…repeatedly. Civil rights and suffrage are just two great examples of people having

an issue with the system and saying so.

Of course that same protection also falls on those who have negative things to say about the movement, and we can agree to disagree about that too. But their right to speak, assemble, protest, and do whatever they can to get their message out… well that’s not open to debate.

It’s a right, and it IS the American WAY…

I think the system needs an overhaul from the way we do business, to the way we conduct our politics, to the way we treat each-other as humans.I hope a peaceable attempt can be made out all of it. Peace and Truth are still the strongest weapons anyone can wield. Yes, stronger than money.

I do feel that in the end, after all the examination we should be thinking about our goals as people and if it’s ever ok to have such an economic disparity even if the system wasn’t broken. But this is long term goal stuff, and hard to really put a face on.

Personally if I had enough to live comfortably (by even the most stoic definition) and some money left over in case of big unexpected crises (illness, accident) I feel it’s my duty as a human to give as much back from the overage as I can. I know you’ll all “believe it when you see it” but anyone who knows me personally knows I tend to be helpful even when that which I lend or give is the fine line between me and food that month. So I think my track record will speak for itself. I hope.

So that’s it, my little rant on why I back the #OWS. Judge away if you must. It’s what my mind and heart agree on is the best choice for our future.

…     …     …     …     …     …     …     …     …

Ok… my REAL opinion is thus… I want it to get better, or go all “Mad Max” style Apocalypse all at once. So let’s either make the w orld a better place

or push the fucking button already. I’m done with this slow decline of man shit… FUCK!. (See… the other part was way nicer… let’s go with that)

Enter Spider Standup Show at Meltdown

Matt McKenna Presents ENTER SPIDER: THE STAND-UP SHOW 10/11/2011

Matt McKenna Presents ENTER SPIDER: THE STAND-UP SHOW 10/11/2011

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Put on your astronaut pants 'cause we' re about to rocket!

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